Bridge Crossing

I am on a bridge. It’s quite a long bridge. One where you can see the middle clearly but only a slight glimpse of the end. I can see the structure that holds it up above me, and through the gaps in the walkway I can see the structure below me with the waves gently caressing the steel pillars.

If I look back I can see where the walkway begins at one end of the bridge, where I first stepped on to this bridge and began to cross. Ahead of me I can see the continued uneven tarmac, the worn out white lines and clearly the middle point of the bridge.

The sun is shining over to my left, slowly setting and reflecting a warm coloured light on the ripples in the distance. To my right there are trees whispering in the wind on the banks of the river below.


I have conquered the half-way point of the bridge now. As I crossed over more gaps in the tarmac structure, I peaked below to the pillars and the running water and it made me feel a little unsteady at times. However, this structure is what has kept me up here and so I am thankful for its existence. I have wondered at times how this has all been engineered. That is a question I have not yet answered, but will continue to explore as I walk.

At this point I can just see a glimpse behind me of where the walkway began, that has led me to where I am now. It looks smaller now, distant, yet I know how significant it is and will always be.


I am now nearing the end of this bridge crossing. It feels slightly daunting. I have spent a lot of time, effort and concentration on this crossing. Yet it feels liberating and I am ready to step off this bridge and on to solid ground.

The further I have walked, the more I’ve been trusting the structure of this bridge. I believe it can withstand all that nature throws at it. It is strong, it is powerful and it is long-lasting. It will not break under me, that I know now.

The end of the walkway is so close now, in comparison to when I began. The sun is rising and the colours reflecting on the water are breathtakingly beautiful. I am anticipating the large, heart-felt smile as I make it to the end of this crossing.

Through all of this, there is one more exciting thing. My walking doesn’t stop at the end of this bridge. I have only begun to walk, and plan to walk for many many years to come. I will walk until I can walk no more.



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