A Day’s Worth

Sometimes we rely on other people to give us the right information, often within a certain time-frame, to continue with certain aspects of our life. When that information isn’t given to us, it makes us feel grim and sometimes appear as a failure – even when we know it isn’t our fault.

Spending so much time without full time employment makes me go crazy. I knew this from my experiences last year after leaving Iona. And here I am experiencing it again this summer. When your patience, determination, persistence, stamina, confidence and many other things are put to the test … it’s hard to keep your head up sometimes.

The things that help: any form of routine, my partner, tea, music, other people cooperating, good communication, selfless acts of kindness, people giving recommendations, things to do that give you any self-confidence … I’m sure the list is long but, really, it’s often the tiny things that make a difference.

So, I know folks are busy, but please go and do small things, little acts of kindness, and know that it could make a difference to somebody’s day.


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