My blogging life

Back in 2009 I started up a blog which mainly consisted of Iona related chat, as did most of my life then (and, let’s face it, still does now!). I didn’t realise until looking back how much I actually wrote on that blog, and how useful it really was (even in it’s sporadic nature). It wasn’t just useful for sharing my life on the little island with people back on the mainland, but it was helpful for me to have a way to process life differently. Life there was so much about the people that, especially as an introvert, sometimes I just wanted to sit in a cave. Just as well my bedroom was rather cave like in size! The blog gave me a way of processing some of what I thought through as I sat in the quiet spaces there.

So as life is doing ‘big change’ again, I gathered maybe this blog can do similar for me now as my old blog did for me then. As I look forward to moving away from my beloved country, city and home, and towards a (yet unknown) new destination I hope this will provide a little bit of that processing space again.

Even if nobody reads it, that is fine. But if you would like to journey with me in this, you are welcome to.


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