Lent Observations

I feel like I don’t have a lot of capacity in my life right now to give up or take up too much for Lent this year. So, I am simply going to note things here that I observe throughout my regular days.

It may be daily, it may not. I won’t know until I begin what is most helpful and reflective. But the idea came as I was sitting in the back of a car this afternoon, driving along the M9 from Stirling back to Edinburgh. I observed some very simple things, but most of all I observed this:

A road I have driven so many times before felt so very different. 

The M9 is a road I have driven many a time to get me to and from Iona. I have driven it for other holidays, for day trips, for shopping trips, just for the sake of getting out of town. I have seen the beautiful countryside surrounding parts of it, I have seen the Kelpies, I have witnessed the ugly, smelly landfill site. But I have never seen it like I saw it today.

It was sunny – I have seen it in sunlight before. It was quiet – I have seen it quiet before. It was scattered with lorries – I have seen it scattered with lorries before. It was surrounded in parts by green hills shimmering – I have seen it with green hills shimmering before.

But I had never seen it at that exact moment. And, the reality is, I never will again.


Every experience is unique and that is something I hope to take forward throughout Lent as I observe other things in my daily life. Join me? Observe with me? Share your observations with me?

image1 (1)

Lent 2016 – Day 1 – a reminder of the beautiful sky as I returned home from the M9 drive.


One thought on “Lent Observations

  1. Uniqueness is really on my mind at the moment, like all the time, sat within me, and journeying seems to be the catalyst for this, so your M9 reflection resonates with me. I travel the A1 everyday and it has become synonymous with a time of preparation and then on return to the city a time of reflection, and the visual experience in various weathers and seasons is a core and important part of my day.. Is this a Zen thing? I also have a special route into the city that I walk most Saturdays and Sundays and it is really sacred and personal to me, journeying and uniqueness (and Calling, what Fiona has talked about) are all tightly interwoven for me.. I have learnt a lot about myself, and discovered my uniqueness a bit more walking that route, thank you so much for sharing 😊

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