Lent Observations 3

My colleague Jen and I recently painted our office in a lovely, bright shade of yellow. We also had our carpet replaced (the old one stank from a previous leak!). Lets just say with our blue carpet, yellow walls and new seascape artwork, the office is a tad cheerier than before.

Peoples reactions have varied from:

“Oh, it’s, erm, bright isn’t it?” (trying to be polite)


“It’s a bit much.” (saying it how it is)

However, there is still one issue. We still don’t have a window. We still can’t see the outside world. We still don’t know if it’s sunny or snowing. We still can’t breathe fresh air. To compensate a TINY little bit, Jen bought us some daffodils.

I have been fascinated watching the daffodils come to life in our office. Jen gave them a bit of sunlight at the front door on the first day to aid their waking up. Since then they have sat quietly on our filing cabinet, and slowly but surely begun to wake up and show us their beautiful yellow. When I left the office there were still 2 determined to stay asleep, and 1 was just thinking about it. I wonder if they’ll all be awake tomorrow?

They remind me a little of us though – when some are struggling to get going in an atmosphere not really designed for growth.

Growth. Physically. Spiritually. Mentally. In work. In relationships. In life.



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