Lent Observations 26

I am struggling today to know which thing to pick to write about, as I have observed a few interesting things today. I think I will go with the obvious one for today, Mothering Sunday, and maybe I will backtrack another day to one or two of my other thoughts when it isn’t so late at night!

There were so many people walking around town today with flowers and chocolates in hand. And may I say, it was mainly younger guys. Now, I am making an assumption here that these younger guys were headed to see their mum, to give them said flowers/chocolates.

I will assume throughout all that I saw today that the women in these scenarios were the mums of the others present with them… I may be wrong, but for what I saw today, it feels likely.

I saw a couple of ladies walking arm in arm with a child of theirs.

I saw a couple of guys walking around looking a little aimless, presumably as their wives/partners/kids were away doing other things.

I saw quite a lot of families out for meals.

I saw families out cycling together – with one parent being leader of the pack.

I observed a couple of women I know very glad to have some peaceful hours without their small children, as their dads took them out to let the mums have some chill time.

I saw small children carrying drawings, and daffodils freshly picked from the garden.

I saw people doing a mad dash in to the shop to buy the last remaining bunch of flowers.

I saw a guy scribbling a quick note in a card before walking in to a coffee shop, greeted by his mother with a hug.

I saw unfamiliar faces at church as kids came along to spend time with their parents.

But, you know what I thought as I went about my day…

Isn’t it a shame we don’t see these things every day?

These special little moments that can make all the difference to someones day. The drawings, the bike rides, the last minute flowers and scribbled cards, the walking arm in arm, the chocolates – the little signs of ‘I love you’.

I have always been a small gesture person over a words person – and so I find it fascinating to watch other peoples small gestures too. And today I saw so many of them that it made me realise that I felt a bit sad. And the thing that makes me sad is that I saw all of this today, and today only, because of commercialism in the society we live in. The idea of Mothering Sunday is originally to do with going home to our Mother Church. It was a time to head back to our home village or town and appreciate that special place and community in our upbringing, in a time when people began to work in cities away from their home. Commercialism has twisted it to be what it is today. And as beautiful as it is to see all of these little gestures, why can’t we do these more regularly and not just because society expects us to, 1 day out of 366 (yes, it’s a leap year)?

There is much more I could say on this, but I won’t for now. But I will leave with this:

Please show one small gesture today, and everyday, to someone you care for. Not because society says you should, but because you want to show them you care.


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