Lent Observations 28

My memory is not good. I still cannot remember the ‘other things’ from yesterday. And I am still a little annoyed by this because I remember being excited to go home and write about them. It feels strange that something that seemed to important to share then, has now fleeted away from my mind.

I wonder how many times that happens to us in life in different ways. When something is (or seems at the time) highly important to us and we want to talk about it and share it with people. And then quite quickly it is gone; it is no longer significant and we don’t talk about it anymore.

Those annoying run-ins at work with the boss are a good example. Important and significant at the time. Rub you up the wrong way. Cause a good old rant with a colleague. Take time for a tea break and the boss leaves for a meeting. No longer does it seem significant/important. More important or appealing things come along and distract you. Until another time…



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