Lent Observations 29

I had a mad dash couple of hours today, between a training course in the day and doing a talk for work in the evening. I had to finish packing – mainly Becca’s books. I had to check at the garage about a dodgy noise in my car. I had to shop for Scottish treats to take to America. I had to get some dollars. I had to generally run back and forth around the city doing odds and ends.

I don’t really enjoy those kind of times. I like my structure. I like being able to plan what I’m going to do and how that will all happen. But when the garage is too busy when you turn up and you have 40 minutes to waste, your plans change. You deal with it. Of course you do. But it is just irritating. I find it irritating at least.

But the wonderful thing was that, because my plan was thrown out the window, I saw one of Edinburghs beautiful rainbow moments as I drove back in to town again. I would have been in the shopping centre at that time if it wasn’t for the unexpected changes. It’s important to look out for the glimpses of beauty and positivity, even when we are rushing.


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