Lent Observations 31

Today was spent meeting many new people in a few new places. It was a big day, and important day, and a beautiful day.

It was so nice to feel warmth on my back as we sat on the deck for lunch, with the rail track and river running by us.

It was so nice to wander in and out of the little shops and have a nosy around the town

It was so nice to get a nice cuppa at a great wee cafe in the city.

But overall, it was so nice to feel like these strangers actually weren’t strangers at all. I have had no contact with them at all. My dear wifey has been in touch with them, but never a word has gone between them and I. They made us feel very much part of their life, their community, their church in such a short amount of time. There were smiles, there was food, there were good conversations, there were questions passed back and forth, there was wine, there was learning, there were stories shared. And it was all done with what felt like very genuine love, even for people never met.


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