Oh, Edinburgh

Oh, Edinburgh, you beautiful being.

It is with great joy and love and adoration that I have spent many hours in the past few weeks wandering the streets of Edinburgh, taking in some shows during the Festivals and admiring life here in the city.

August is a strange time in Edinburgh, especially for people who live here. We both HATE and LOVE the Festival season. I hate the traffic, lack of parking, and the fact that I can’t pop to the shops without nearly running over at least a few tourists. I love the energy, diversity and culture of the people and the shows.

Anyway, why do I share this with you? Because back at the beginning of this whole blog thing, I am sure I said I would use it to share aspects of the UK to USA move. And here is one huge aspect – my Festivals, my tourists I’m trying not to run over, my crazy shows, my fire juggling people, my campervans getting lost outside my flat, my Royal Mile too busy to walk up, my traffic jams… my city, my home. This will always be the way; this will always be my city, my home. I will not be able to live through an August like this again for some time, and so this has been a particularly special Festival season here in the ‘burgh. Edina, I love you and you will always be home number 1, even though I have other homes too. Thanks for being amazing, for feeding my soul and my life.

Overall, everyone living in Edinburgh now feels like Loki!


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