Been a while…

Turns out I haven’t posted since August and it’s now February – oops. Seeing as I had intended to use this blog to update folks on the visa and moving process, I have clearly failed in that mission in the past months. Especially as I now have my visa!

However, no point in going back over the past too much now. But all to say – the visa process is demanding, at times rather stressful, tiring, leaves you sat in the unknown, and generally expensive in every way — time, energy, money. If you ever need to go through the process… don’t ask me, ask a lawyer!

The middle of January saw my last day at work, the collection of my passport and visa packet and also the arrival of Becca for a two week ‘break’. I say ‘break’ because we did a lot of running around, sorting and packing up boxes. It wasn’t all that relaxing!

And now here we are, only 1 month until my official move date. It’s been the fastest slowest journey. A year and 3 months since Becca moved, I am at last moving too. The next month is going to disappear in front of my eyes, if 2017 so far is anything to go by.

I am already nearly a week through my 3 weeks on Iona. I am glad I am here; a change of scenery never hurts especially in a time of transition. I am also worn out, and being here is both good and bad for that. It is physically demanding being in the kitchen, but I can also be in bed by 9pm and nobody cares at all!

Well this was just a brief update to say hey, I’m still alive. So, what next? Who knows! Time will tell — but I promise I will try to get the odd blog up in the coming weeks as I move and settle and see what life is like across the pond. Thanks for journeying with me.


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