Friendly Faces and Fortunate Forces


Two very friendly faces and some fortunate forces of nature = an amazing, relaxing, refreshing weekend.

I am so lucky to have so many astonishingly loving, caring, generous people in my life. It has been so good this weekend to have Aga & Mike to visit me during my few weeks of island life, at such a crazy time of life. To have friends visit here means so much to me; to show them more of my life and experiences, and to make new memories together.

It has also been amazing to experience Mull in a way I have never done before with a wildlife tour, and also in doing so to relive memories of my time living here — of nights away to Tobermory for live music and Indian food, of harvest festivals on Ulva, of escaping for drives on days off, of meeting with so many people from around the world in this one small corner of the earth. A visual sighting of somewhere you haven’t been to in years can bring memories flooding back, and it’s a special experience.

In a time of such crazy transition it’s great to remember some of these moments that have shaped my life and who I am today, and look back on moments in life which have assisted to get me to where I am today. Whether it’s memories of good moments, hard moments, tearful moments, singing moments, tiring moments,  faith based moments, relationship moments…they are all life giving moments in some way.

I am thankful that I have had this varied life, that allows me to remember all of these moments, and offers me the experience of sharing them with important people in my life now. In transitioning and preparing to move, it is special to have these times of sharing, of memory reliving and memory making, and marking the importance of this time in life. For a while now I will not live on the doorstep of this important place, but this weekend has been grounding in the knowledge that the memories live on and the memories are still to be made when we return again; whether on holiday or for longer.

Specifically now — Iona, Mull, friends…thank you for memory making.


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