The Arrival

How was your journey? How have the first few days been? What did you watch on the flight? What’s the weather like? Take a look…

London Heathrow Terminal 5… 2 very large (slight overweight, shh) suitcases, 2 oversized cabin bags, 1 trolley = an interesting time navigating the queues to bag drop! After a relatively speedy trip through security it was off to Wagamama’s for breakfast and then Pret for tea, before the wee choochoo through to departure area C, where I picked up a new puzzle book, enjoyed the quiet, and watched an A380 slowly trundle past. Hop on board, all on time, and swap seats with the long-legged gent next to me (under the agreement I will need to get up regularly so he better not sleep the whole way!), and popped on the tunes. Before too long we were off, in a very empty plane indeed. I don’t think any of the economy rows were full — but I was still very glad I had my luxury width/leg room seat!

For the plane lovers amongst you, take off from Heathrow on a rather gloomy afternoon:

On the new Dreamliner, I discovered the super fun new windows! I wondered where the shutters were, as the sunlight blinded me as it bounced off the wing… Ah-ha! A funny little button below the window… Press, and ta-da! The window glazes over with a light blue tint, and another few settings down it is shaded over enough that the world turns a calming tone of blue, the sun is no longer bouncing in your eyes, you can see the TV screen perfectly, but you can still enjoy the outside — magical! My new favourite plane feature, that’s for sure. It’s the simple things in life!

Following the little map ahead of me, laughing at all the British names over here, 7 and a half hours later “cabin crew, seats for landing”… And, what a landing it was! I wish I had taken a video of it as the wing was bouncing around all over the place (obviously the whole plane felt a tad bouncy too!) and I was amazed by the landscape variety landing in to Baltimore. Some beautiful bridges around — must find them by car to explore!

A speedy trip through self-check border control, a quick Passport check, taken aside in to a small room for opening my ‘secret parcel’ of Visa paperwork, one entry stamp on the Visa in my Passport… and it was the quickest entry I’ve ever had to America! No queues (thanks to Baltimore only having two international gates — it’s very quiet!), no questions, no hassle. Hooray! A bit of a wait for my bags to catch up, a bit of wrestle to get them on the trolley (why are the trolleys smaller here?!), and off I went to find the wifey, standing at the other side of the door with roses wrapped in purple and green — fitting for International Women’s Day and our wedding colours. A quick enough drive up the road, under a beautiful sunset, and we arrived at Sykesville in time to grab grub from E.W.Becks (visitors, we will take you here for a real American bar experience!) and back to the house to eat and collapse.

Day one: 20 degrees. Day two: snowing. Day three: -5 degrees at the moment. Day four: who knows.


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