Why Nairn? Well, a Scottish name, of course! It feels important to share bits of Scotland here in Maryland. But also seeing as Chris (my previous car) has moved on to pastures new with Eilidh and Charlie in Essex, and Eilidh is originally from Nairn. As Eilidh said, it’s like Nairn is Chris’ big brother now!

Nairn is going to be lots of fun. He will also be a nightmare to learn to park. Thankfully parking spaces are bigger here! He is rather a lot bigger than the VW Polo that I’m used to, so much so that Becca can very easily fit in the boot, with room to spare. The best part of arriving home and making Becca do this was the woman’s face who parked up next to us as I took this photo! Non-Maryland folks…this means plenty of space for suitcases for when you come to visit!


Let’s see what adventures come now, with a lot more engine power and space to spare! Join us here as we adventure!



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