Two weeks down, many to go

What’s new in the land of settling in to America? Well, many things!

Nairn the Nissan is proving to be fun and adventurous. He kindly took us all the way to New Jersey and back for a visit to the in-laws at the end of last week. It was fun to see how much the kiddies have grown, get a ride in the Mustang, eat a real bagel, play a stressful PS4 game made for people much younger than me (who are way better than me!), see the various animals at the Crate households, explore everyone else’s new cars, see where Becca first went to college, let someone else fill up Nairn’s gas tank and clean the window because it’s New Jersey and that’s what they do…

Even before Nairn arrived, however, I didn’t have a chance to update on my first Sunday at church and welcome party. Springfield Presbyterian Church (SPC) are a lovely and very enthusiastic bunch of folks! There was a massive banner made by the youth (including Shaun the sheep!), an ice-cream cake designed with Scottish artwork, many hugs and smiles, lots of food, good conversations and generally amazing hospitality. If there’s one thing SPC knows and does well, it’s hospitality and how to have fun together. So, a huge thank you to all who took part, and especially B&D for hosting the afternoon. Week two at church was much more low-key and involved popcorn!

What else?

Well, I signed up for a 7 day free trial at the local Golds Gym. On first visit yesterday, it’s basically like the Pure Gym I was used to back in Scotland! Off today to meet the personal trainer guy to show me some more of what they’ve got, before I guess I need to cough up and pay from now on! I only have 3 and a bit weeks to get fit enough to run this sponsored 5km ( so I really need to get moving, and fast!

I guess in the biggest move so far, I have signed up for my Real Estate training course! I am currently doing it online, and will meet with a local Real Estate company later this week to chat it through some more, and see what the possibilities are for work once I’ve got my permit sorted out. I received my Social Security Number a few days ago and we’re meeting the lawyer also this week, so a few little steps closer.

Anyway, the kettle is calling, I don’t want to make you fall asleep with my other ramblings about all the locals saying “Oh, I’m Scottish, it’s my homeland, I’ve never been.”, and I have some course modules to be getting on with before the gym calls again. So — thanks for all your messages of support and encouragement and asking how things are going — I hope this helps give a little flavour of what’s going on so far.


5 thoughts on “Two weeks down, many to go

  1. Greetings! Welcome to America (again!)

    Glad you and Becca are settling into your non-long-distance life together.

    Pax et bonum!

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