Puppy Love

The blog has been quiet, but life has not! In case you haven't seen plastered everywhere else on social media, there is a new member of the family. Meet Fritz. He is now nearly 16 weeks old and growing fast. He was only 3lbs when we collected him, and has already nearly doubled in size … Continue reading Puppy Love



License part 1: I now have my Maryland drivers license! I went to the MVA (like the DVLA) up in Westminster (yes, UK names everywhere!) on Monday and hoped to have my new license all sorted out there and then. Unfortunately they needed me to sit both a short computer test and 'skills' test. I was able to sit the … Continue reading Licensing


MEET NAIRN. NAIRN THE NISSAN. Why Nairn? Well, a Scottish name, of course! It feels important to share bits of Scotland here in Maryland. But also seeing as Chris (my previous car) has moved on to pastures new with Eilidh and Charlie in Essex, and Eilidh is originally from Nairn. As Eilidh said, it's like Nairn … Continue reading Nairn